Components Layout
‘Components Layout’ is a reference file for assemble the components to PCB.
Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product.
Necessary files for Manufacturing
Before you send an RFQ to BokTech, it is very appreciated if could check the production files list. So it is easy for you to get the feedbacks what you require.
Product accessories service
When your product needs the accessories inside, like cables / manual / packaging / gifts etc. BokTech provide the service to source local and reliable accessories for your product.
FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Here is the FAQ list for you reference, you are welcome to help us to add the questions into the FAQ list. You also could contact if you have any questions/confusions.
PCB Capability
Here is the common PCB capability sheet of BokTech's PCB fabrication. You could contact us for special PCB requirements, we also do the custom specification.
Common certification cost
Here is the common certification cost from local third party test labs.
7 Steps of Product Development
Developing and ultimately launching a product can often make or break a business, especially a startup business. The most businesses follow seven main steps in the development process.