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Necessary files for Manufacturing

  • By : BokTech Team

Before you send an RFQ to BokTech, it is very appreciated if could check the production files list. So it is easy for you to get the feedbacks what you require.


BokTech would like to support you on quick production running, which shorten your development time. It is very important for you to provide correct and clear production files and support BokTech team’s production communications.


For PCB Assembly, the following files are in needed.

1. PCB Gerber file;

2. PCB specification;

3. BOM (Bill of Materials);

4. Pick and place file;

5. Component layout;

6. Test plan (Only for these product need to do detailed functional test)

7. Special Process Requirements (For these product need to do special manufacturing process);

8. Schematic (Not necessary, but will accelerate the whole manufacturing process, especially problem analysis).


For Mechanical parts Assembly, the following files are in needed.

1. 3D drawings (.stp);

2. 2D drawings (.pdf) with detail dimensions;

3. M-BOM (Bill of Materials);

4. Assembly requirements.