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Item Ref. MPN Digikey/Mouser PN Quantity
2 R1,R2,R3 ERt-3EKF1002V 10.0KHCT-ND 3
3 C1,C2 C0805C104K5RACTU 399-1170-1-ND 2
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  • Different PCBs Panelized {{pcb_selected_data.pcb_panelization.name}}
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  • PCB Dimensions {{pcb_selected_data.dimension_length}}mm * {{pcb_selected_data.dimension_width}}mm
  • PCB Thickness {{pcb_selected_data.pcb_thickness.name}}mm
  • PCB Color {{pcb_selected_data.pcb_color.name}}
  • Surface Finish {{pcb_selected_data.surface_finishs.name}}
  • Silkscreen Color {{pcb_selected_data.silkscreen_color.name}}
  • Copper Weight {{pcb_selected_data.copper_weight.name}}
  • Min Hole Size 0.3mm
  • Min Tracking/Spacing 5/5 mil
  • Flying Probe Testing All(free)
Stencil Cost
USD ${{stencil_price}}
  • Stencil Type {{stencil_selected_data.stencil_type.name}}
  • Stencil Side {{stencil_selected_data.stencil_side.name}}
  • Stencil Size {{stencil_selected_data.stencil_size.name}}
  • Thickness {{stencil_selected_data.stencil_thickness.name}}mm
  • Stencil Quantity {{stencil_selected_data.stencil_quantity}}
  • Electropolishing {{stencil_selected_data.electropolishing.name}}
  • Existing Fiducials {{stencil_selected_data.existing_fiducials.name}}
USD ${{pcba_selected_data.pcba_price}}
  • BOM Cost
    USD ${{pcba_selected_data.bom_price}}
  • Setup Cost
    USD ${{pcba_selected_data.setup_price}}
  • Assembly Cost
    USD ${{pcba_selected_data.assembly_price}}
  • Service Cost
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Quality Control
  • PCB : Flying probe testing, 100% testing
  • PCBA : Visual inspection & Function testing (based on your test plan), 100% testing
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