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Product accessories service

  • By : BokTech Team

When your product needs the accessories inside, like cables / manual / packaging / gifts etc.  BokTech provide the service to source local and reliable accessories for your product. Shenzhen is the biggest electronic market in the world, there are too many parts with different quality. We will ensure the available parts you need, like you team member to work for the product.


Necessary files:

1. Cable’s drawing and requirement

2. Packaging’s drawing and requirement

3. Manual’s drawing and requirement

4. Gifts / similar accessories websites


To order the product accessories:

1. Drop us an email with clear files and requirements

2. BokTech will check and quote to you

3. Discuss for the detail requirements / quotation / order

4. Make payment.


Boktech will handle the remaining things to you. You could get the order tracking information and discuss with us online.