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How to speed up your production?

  • By : Project Team

For most people, especially for software engineer, hardware manufacturing is a strange world. They want to get their production as soon as possible, but don’t know how, even waste a lot of time on communication and confirmation. 


Good design is the best way to avoid the production issues. To get production lead time faster, you could work with us as below suggestions:

1. During R&D selection stage, chose commonly used materials from reliable supplier like Mouser and Digikey.

2. Try to use surface mount (SMD) component replace through-hole (PTH) component, it will shorten the production time.

3. Do manufacturability analysis for your design, you can check the basic specification & DFM list.

4. Prepare all necessary documents for manufacturing to save communication time. 

5. Choose a good manufacturing partner with faster service and easy to work, like BokTech.

6. Keep close discussions and coordination with the manufacturer team.

7. Expedited process and expedited fee if possible, it also could make it speed up.

In BokTech, we have the manufacturing principles to support customers to get things done faster. 

1. A vibrant and professional team that helps our business stay hungry, and you will get friendly communication and quick response.

2. We are designing a simple production online system, it will automatically speed up our internal schedule. 

3. Adequate local available suppliers, this will save much time in procurement and cooperation.

4. Flexible production supports, we would like to listen the customer's voice and support you with our professional skills.