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How to get the offline quotation?

  • By : Project Team

It is easy for you to get an offline quotation from BokTech. Our team will work faster and check with your for the quotation. 

Here are the steps to get offline quotation:

1. Collect your production files: like PCB Gerber, BOM, Mechanical drawings, Test plan, pick and place file, schematic etc.

2. Drop us an email to, and attach the production files. <see the below email template>

3. Tell us the requirements on the quantity, lead time, production process/quality.

4. We will reply you in 24hours. If the production files and requirements are clear and simple, we will offer you the quote in 24 hours.


NOTE: We will quote based on the files you provided, please double check the correct production files. Or we need to modify the quotation if you change the design/files.


For your reference, here is the email template to RFQ:

Email title: PCB Assembly Inquiry – XXX project

Hi BokTech team,

Currently I am working on XXX project, it is in (development/prototype/small batch production/mass production) status. I would like to inquire quotation for (PCB/PCB assembly/mechanical parts/whole product) production.

Please check the my below inquiry:

1. Quote quantity: 100/1000/5000 pcs.

2. Delivery date: we would like to get products in hand before 18th November.

3. Quality control: full testing based in my test plan.

4. Quotation files in attached:

-- BOM

-- Gerber

-- PCB requirement

-- Test plan

-- Drawings

-- etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you in 24hours.

Best Regards,

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