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Do you happen to know the best printed circuit board assembly manufacturer online?

  • By : Project Team

Do you happen to know the best printed circuit board assembly manufacturer online?

Well, if you are on the lookout for the best printed circuit board assembly manufacturer then BokTech is the answer for you. We are a group of expert professionals that offer our consumers with PCB Assembly & Manufacturing services.

Our BokTech Team is always dedicated to serve the customers with high quality assembly that do not compromise in quality. Right from the preliminary steps of DFM (Design for Manufacturability) check to the final product packaging and shipment, BokTech covers all the essential requirement for giving out the customers 100% satisfaction.

So if you are on the hunt for the best PCB assembly manufacturer company or a fast prototype pcb assembly company then BokTech is the one that you must opt for. With our easy to use interface you will be able to place your order for assembly and manufacturing of PCB products online.

What goes in BokTech’s PCB assembly factory?

As mentioned earlier, We at BokTech never settle with an average quality product range or services. Hence, putting together the best team of professionals in an efficient pcb assembly factory for the mass production is our primary motive.

We use the latest technology that is popularly known as the ‘SMT’ (surface-mount technology) for the production of electronic circuit. The utilization of this new and efficient tech has enabled us in offering our customers high density and reliability in our PCBA manufacturing.

But that’s not all. Apart from that, BokTech runs a carefully monitored Quality Control Check and Functioning Test as well that guarantees the high-quality and durability of the assembled PCB. If you happen to search for a PCB assembly manufacturer company that assures for longevity and top-notch performance in their products and services then BokTech is the one you must go for.

To learn more about the SMT technology we have enlisted the essential characteristics that comes along with this new found production line tech for PCB assembly.

i.        Initial Setup is rapid

For mass production, this system does not require too much of time for initiating setup. Therefore, it is easy for us to provide fast delivery of mass product range. Plus, it has decently easy installation as well.

ii.      Offers design flexibility

With the utilization of this advanced tech, the manufacturers have the ease of placing components on either sides of the board. This enables in great flexibility in design along with an improved usage of the space that is available on the board.

iii.     Components are small

Use of smaller components are extremely essential in the production of a printed circuit board system. Especially in small sized electronic devices. With the help of SMT technology it becomes possible for manufacturers to produce circuit boards in such devices as well.

iv.     Cost-effective

This technology helps in cutting down the production cost as well since it is a much cheaper yet effective tech that is used for PCBA manufacturing. Since, we are able to lower our costing, we tend to even provide services for our valuable customers at affordable price range.

v.      Enhanced stability

The SMT tech can withstand the conditions of vibrating which is quite common in printed circuit board fabrication. It even lessens the chances of damage in finished products in case of a drop or shaking.

vi.     Self-correction while assembling

One of the highlighting perk of using a SMT technology is that it is able to self-correct the errors at the time of production. In case of an occurrence of minor issues, there’s no need to cease the assembly lines to fix them.

vii.   Accelerates production speed

With the use of this efficient latest tech, the PCB assembly services company like us can deliver the consumers mass production order rapidly. Since the advanced tech results in quick automated assembly.

viii.  Offers high density component

High-density component is ensured, thanks to the use of SMT assembly technology. The higher density component will enable the circuit boards to carry bulk of connections on an individual component respectively.

ix.     Environment friendly

Now apart from high efficiency in production process, this supreme technology is environment friendly as well. The emission of radiation is far less compared to the use of other technologies used for PCBA fabrication.

This is the reason why we at BokTech go for this allrounder technology as we always strive to become the best PCB assembly services company in the market.

Why you must go for BokTech for your PCB assembly & manufacturing solution?

Apart from the fact that we at BokTech will fulfill the entire procedure to deliver you a complete PCBA fabrication, the services that we offer are guaranteed to be of superior quality that too at reasonable price.

Whether you are in need of a 3pcs PCB prototypes or a mass PCBA fabrication, we ensure you to deliver 100% satisfactory products in extraordinary prices. We are an online circuit board manufacturing company that gives out full effort to accomplish your PCB requirement no matter how big or small it is.

Our experts even expands the services on the online platform where consumers will get to learn the technicalities of PCB assembly and fabrication. Other than that we are also proud to say that the means of technology used for the production are entirely environment friendly.

We also give out 100% Test services as per your requirement. Whether you want to carry out test for a sample order or for a bulk quantity, you can choose your test plan accordingly with our expert Test engineers. With our online circuit board manufacturing company, you are assured to get top class PCB solutions. 

That’s not all. We understand our customers specifications carefully and also offer fast production delivery. So if you are searching for fast prototype pcb assembly company then BokTech is the ultimate spot for you.

Our team of experts with their precise dedication, skill and experience makes us one of the best pcb factory company. So what are you waiting for? If you want to collaborate with the best of the best pcb factory company then visit our website now.