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UVic Robotics Team

  • By : BOKTECH

BOKTECH will sponsor and support the UVic Robotics Team on manufacturing field, hopefully the student team will get a successful challenge. Here is their link:

UVic Robotics, a relatively new student team, is a group comprised of undergraduates from a variety of backgrounds – engineering, geoscience, computer science, business, and more. They design, build, and program all things robotics. They support students’ self-driven projects, but the clubs current team-wide effort is to compete in the 2018 Canadian International Rover Challenge (CIRC).  

We also appreciate you would become a Sponsor of UVic Robotics or offer them the support.

UVic Robotics’ mission is to facilitate learning through mentorship, and provide opportunities to make a positive impact in the community. Your support is a service to the engineering community as it helps develop technical and interpersonal skills through teamwork. Your philanthropy produces better engineering graduates for tomorrow’s workforce. If you are interested in your company becoming a sponsor of the team, please UVic Robotics team know through their Contact page.

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