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Have you been searching for the best site to order PCB Board online?

  • By : Project Team

Have you been searching for the best site to order PCB Board online?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then look no further. We have got your back. BokTech will be your ultimate destination for all your PCB board order online platform. With our 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction we always tend to deliver top-quality PCB solutions.

Now when it comes to ordering for PCB services from our site, it has never been so easy. Just a few simple clicks, uploads and your order is placed in a limited period of time.

With our partnership you will be able to achieve the best PCB assembling and manufacturing solutions. Our expert group of electronic, mechanical and software engineers work hand in hand to deliver you PCB board order online services.

So if your interested to order PCB board online solutions from our website then here are a few simple steps that you have to follow to place your order.

i.        Upload the Gerber file of yours. Our site only accepts zip files. The file size cannot be over 10Mb.

ii.       Choose the parameters as per your requirement.

iii.     Proceed forward by choosing the SMD Stencil according to your need.

iv.     You can add extra comment if have any in the ‘Other Comments’ section of the PCB Order page.

v.       Now it’s time for you to add all your requirement to the cart by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ section.

vi.     Fill in your shipment and billing address to get your PCB Assembly order online. You can even get the invoice of your order from online for your business.

vii.    Now choose your order shipment method from the generated options on the PCB order page.

viii.  Once you select the shipment method move on to confirm your order and proceed to pay.

ix.      When you are done placing your order, you will be able to keep track of your currently placed order. If you have any query regarding the placed order or any other question, you can chat with us online.

We at BokTech always strive to give our customers a seamless support. Our team are always there to help or answer any of your queries with utmost sincerity. Friendly communication and being responsive are the ultimate motto of our Support Team.

That’s not all. BokTech is the supreme destination for all PCB related solutions. Whether you need the prototype fabrication services or just the quality control check, delivering to you a high-quality service is and always will be our priority.

We use an expert combination of modern tech and manual force to bring you supreme printed circuit board assembly and manufacturing services. So if you are eyeing the net for placing a PCB Assembly order online then BokTech is the perfect spot for you.

Once you collaborate with us you are assured to get the following advantages -

l  Rapid response and customer-friendly communication from our Support Team.

l  Complete product testing services.

l  Authentic parts of PCB sourcing and procurement.

l  Top class PCB assembly.

l  Expert PCB design and development service.

l  Lower range of product price.

l  Less amount of lead time (2 to 3 weeks)

l  One-stop factory for production.

l  Fabrication of PCB and PCB parts.

l  Report of Trial production, DFM report.

l  Flexible way of PCB assembly options.

With our team of experts the manufacturing of PCB assembly is super easy since we use latest tech to support our production. BokTech is there to make your pcb assembly online quote easier.

You will be amazed to explore the range of offerings that we provide for the requirements of hardware manufacturing. Understanding our customers and providing options for a wide number of distinct clients is one of our priorities.

We happen to offer a very adaptable assembly option for our consumers that they can order as per their need. These include -

l  Special requirements for PCBA or consigned parts.

l  PCBA production of small batch (100 to 1000 units).

l  Prototype PCBA service (1 to 99 units).

l  Mass production of PCBA (1000 to 10K+ units).

What more do you want? Just visit our website now and place your order as per your requirement. We guarantee you to provide you top-notch services at an extremely affordable range of prices.

Hurry up! Fill in all the requirements on our PCB Order web page and place your order conveniently. Get your free PCB assembly online quote with us. You’ll get all the PCB assembly services from us.

No need for you to look around several sites online. As BokTech offers you all-in-one PCB assembly service at an impressive rate. Visit our web page and explore the range of products and services that we offer. We have an active Tech Support that can help you guide you throughout the website and place your order.

BokTech is the destination for the ultra PCB assembly solutions online.