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PCB specification

  • By : Project team

‘PCB specification’ is a declarative document for PCB fabrication.  It is very helpful for PCB supplier to understand your requirements and provide quotation.  Once the design of the circuit is completed, the related parameters of the design are generated, you need add aesthetic parameters (like color) and other manufacturing parameters (like thickness) that can’t be declared in your PCB design. 


PCB specification.png

The following parameters that affect the price of PCB:

1. PCB Material: FR-4 is available in BokTech.  FR-4 and CEM-3 are the most common 2 layer and 4 layer materials.

2. PCB layer: The price increases with number increase. Now 1, 2, 4 layer is available on BokTech.

3. PCB Thickness: 1.6mm is the most common one.  Usually from 0.6mm to 1.6mm with same price, these above 1.6mm or below 0.6mm with a higher price for same material, around 20% higher.

4. Copper Weight: 1oz/qt.ft, the price increases with the number increase.

5. PCB Color: Green color is the cheapest one, Blue, Red, White are usually with same color, Black color is the most expensive.

6. Surface Finish: EING is a little more expensive than Hasl-lead free, around $15 USD higher for sample order, around $20 USD higher per square for larger quantity order.


PCB parameters Note:

1. White color PCBs have a risk of turn a little yellow after re-flow process, but not too much.

2. Scratches on Black PCB is very obviously, especially on Matte black PCB.

3. The advantage of Hasl-lead free PCB: Cheap, Solder ability is good, short lead-time.

4. The advantage of EING PCB, Low impedance, high Surface Smoothness, recommend to use for PCB with small pitch Chips or high frequency board.

PCB specification 2.png

The conventional item could be ordered online now. You could email us in any time if you need the advanced and customized PCBs.