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First Article Inspection (FAI)

  • By : BokTech team

First Article Inspection (FAI) is a design verification and design history file and a formal method of providing a reported measurement for a given manufacturing process. It could ensure that the production process reliably produces what is intended, design verification of the print, and is part of the purchasing, and design control requirements.


The purpose of a first article isn’t to make sure the product matches the inspection criteria like those in a QC checklist. Instead it is used to show that the production process of the unit is correct and can reliably mass produce the goods to spec.


FAI is an important step for production, we must do FAI and verify the components, your designs and test plan.

    - If FAI passed, we could kick off the mass production assembly.

    - If FAI not passed, we need to figure out the problems and fix the problems with you together.


By checking the products near the beginning of production, potential problems and defects can be corrected early on in the process, instead of when all the goods have been produced. This avoids the situation in which a factory may have to reproduce all of the products if inspections are only done at the end of production. Instead of finding defects at the end of production and having to reproduce everything, the FAI saves the factory and the customer valuable time and money.


We still recommend you to prepare the test plan which we could do FAI. FAI should be done in order to make sure they have taken all necessary steps to correct any defects.