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Are you in need for the best Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services?

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Are you in need for the best Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services?

Printed Circuit Board Assembly or more commonly known as PCBA involves the procedures that require manufacturers to solder the electronic components of assembling elements into a printed circuit board (PCB) system.

We at BokTech offer the ultimate solution for all your printed circuit board service. We deliver an A to Z assembly requirement for a PCB system with our team of expert professionals.

Whether it is the prototype PCB fabrication assembly or acquisition of varied components, our services cover all the steps required for the PCBA. The team of PCB Assembly manufacturer at BokTech work hand in hand with expert engineers and other essential electronic professionals to provide you the best printed circuit board assembly services.

None of the electronic device could function without the procedure of a printed circuit board assembly. However, it is not easy to accomplish the task of PCBA. The industry for electronic device would not even flourish in absence of PCB Assembly manufacturer.

BokTech has been able to form a team of master professionals that can give the services of top-notch PCBA. If you like to learn more about the procedures involved in the manufacturing of PCBA then read this section more.

Preliminary Steps of Prototype Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA

Prior to the initiation of an actual PCBA process, there are a few preparatory steps taken by almost every PCB manufacturing company. These steps assists the manufacturers in assessing the functionality of a particular PCB design.

However, the primary reason behind the adoption of these preparatory steps is to conduct the DFM (Design for Manufacturability) check. The DFM check looks for potential missing or problematic feature in the design file.

This step holds a great responsibility when it comes to ensuring the smooth functioning at the final project. By going through a DFM check, a PCB manufacturing company can slash the unforeseen expenses and cut-down manufacturing costs.

With BokTech you will be assured to get all your products go through the precursory steps of DFM check. The detailed DFM Report compiled at BokTech will ensure the maximized quality of your PCBA.

After the successful completion of this step, the core PCBA procedure initiates.

Core Steps of Prototype Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA

There are basically six core steps included in a prototype circuit board assembly.

Step 1: Stenciling Solder Paste

This is the first step to the assembly of printed circuit board where a stainless-steel stencil would be soldered to the circuit board. This helps the assemblers to use soldering paste only in some specific parts of the PCB. The parts where the application of paste is done are the place where components will be set in the final setup of PCBA.

The solder paste is a grey-colored substance which consists tiny-balled metal known as solders. The core composition of these metals are 96.5% of tin, 3% of silver and 0.5% of copper. The solder is mixed with flux to form the solder paste which helps it to melt and create bond to the surface of the board.

This solder paste must be applied to the exact parts of the board in exact amount. In fine prototype circuit board assembly, an automated mechanical fixture grips the soldered stencil and circuit board in place for the perfect  application of soldering paste.

Step 2: Pick & Place

Post application of the soldering paste over the PCB board, the consecutive step in PCBA involves moving on to the pick & place machine. In this part of the process, the placement of surface mount components is carried out.

In the past this part of the PCBA was executed manually. But with many technological advancements, this process has got a major revamp. Now all the components are placed precisely by the robotic device. Therefore, manufacturing company’s such as BokTech can deliver fast pcb assembly order.

Step 3: Reflow Soldering

After the application of solder paste and placement of solder mount components, the assemblers have to make sure that they stay intact in their place. Hence, the solidifying of the applied paste must be accomplished so that the adhered components do not come off.

The experts of prototype circuit board assembly accomplish this task by the procedure known as ‘Reflow’. Post placement of the components, the board is then transferred to the conveyor belt for initiating the process of reflow.

The conveyor moves the PCB through a huge reflow oven which looks quite similar to a typical pizza oven. The oven contains a range of heaters that uniformly heats up the board. The temperature inside the oven is around 250 degrees Celsius.

At this moment the solder paste applied to the board melts down completely. Consecutively the board the is moved to another part of the oven where a series of coolers. Here the melted paste is cooled down to solidify in a systematic manner.

This vigorous change in temperature helps the content on the board to solidify in a permanent way. The process of Reflow depend on the kind of PCBA that you are manufacturing.

Step 4: Inspection & Quality Control

Now comes one of the most integral part of the PCBA process where the so far assembled board is tested for its performance and functionality. The reason why we say it is an integral part is that if this step is not carried out carefully then the final project would turn out poorly.

Typically, the inspection includes more than one methods. However, the most general inspection processes includes the following -

l  Manual Checks

l  Automatic Optic Inspection

l  X-ray Inspection

The ones that do not qualify this step is sent back for rework or to be scrapped. The ones that clear this inspection is moved forward for the testing of its functionality. This step tells the manufacturers that the so far assembled PCB operates the way they are suppose to do.

Here, the PCB connections are looked into carefully for analyzing the quality of the board. The inspection and quality control is conducted regularly right after the reflow process in order to detect any sort of potential issues.

The advanced technology involved in this inspection helps the manufacturers to provide the consumers a quality rich and fast pcb assembly order.

Step 5: Through-Hole Electronic Component Insertion

Depending upon the kind of PCBA, the circuit board includes several variants of components apart from the mandatory SMDs. These generally include the PTH components (plated through-hole components).

A PTH is a hole created on the PCB that’s entirely plated throughout the board. PCB components make use of these hole for passing a signal from one side to the other side of the circuit board.

Step 6: Final Inspection & Functionality Test

Lastly a functionality test is run in order to successfully complete the process of PCBA. This test involves putting the PCB through the paces. The manufacturers simulate a normal scenario where the PCB is set to operate.

If the PCB fails in this step then it is sent for recycling or scrapped out. It is one of the most significant part of the PCBA procedure. Every major PCBA manufacturer goes through this step before the product is delivered to the individual consumer in the market.

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