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Heelight Core for IOT solution

  • By : Longan Labs

When we are talking about IoT, what would you think of? Normally, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa or others wireless communication technology will appear in our minds.

Here we would like to introduce a totally new and much more interesting way of IoT, the sound. There are many ways to play with sound, the most popular must be voice recognition, however this time we will not talk about voice recognition, we want to introduce a digital recognition device to you.

Heelight Core is a smart sound sensor that can recognize up to 500+ digital voice commands. It was originally used on the Heelight – a smart colorful bulb that can be controlled by digital sound waves. Now we introduce this sensor into the small and neat modules, allow you to control things via digital sound.

Heelight Core - Longan Labs.jpg

Heelight Core is tiny size, only 20mm*17mm. By using the design of the stamp hole, you can easily integrate heelight core into your product. We also provide the component library in Eagle format. And there is a 4-pin header, which can insert to a bread board directly to build a prototype.

So what are the advantages of digital sound control?

The operation is simple, as long as a device can make a sound, you don't need to connect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

There is no compatibility issues. Compare to Bluetooth, WiFi, zigbee, sound is more common.


Small Size: 20x17mm

500+ sound commands

Android/iOS App

Bread board or intrtged into PCBA

10m control distance

UART output, default 9600 baudrate


APP - Android


Eagle Library of Heelight Core

Heelight Relay

500+ Digital Voice Audio