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nRF52832 Micro Development Kit

  • By : Product Team

Open Source Hardware for IoT Embedded Applications


NRF52832-MDK (Micro Development Kit) is a completely open source project. It is designed by our electronic engineer, and we share all hardware design information / code / documents in GitHub with the community.


The nRF52832 SoC is a powerful, highly flexible ultra-low power multiprotocol SoC ideally suited for Bluetooth® low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart), ANT and 2.4GHz ultra low-power wireless applications. The nRF52832 SoC is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU with 512kB + 64kB RAM. The embedded 2.4GHz transceiver supports Bluetooth low energy, ANT and proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol stack. It is on air compatible with the nRF51 Series, nRF24L and nRF24AP Series products from Nordic Semiconductor.

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NRF52832-MDK has integrated multi-function debugger DAPLink. It could plug and play and can achieve U disk directly "drag and drop" download firmware, serial debugging, CMSIS-DAP simulation debugging.


NRF52832-MDK can be used to a variety of open source software, such as nRF5 SDK, mbed OS 5, Zephyr, JerryScript, Espruino, Web Bluetooth, Eddystone, Physical Web, etc.


By using the open source toolchain, the nRF52832-MDK enables cross-platform development to meet the needs of Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows developers.


NRF52832-MDK provides a wealth of online documents by MkDocs. It has shared in GitHub, to facilitate open source enthusiasts to maintain CDN acceleration on fast access.


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